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Spectrade provides  competent  EPC  services  in  the  fields  of  Civil/Structural  and  Mechanical  Piping.  Our  services  in  these  engineering  disciplines  include  Project  management,  Project  scope  configuration,  Detailed  engineering,  Procurement,  Construction  and/or  Installation  and  Commissioning  services.

Welding  &  Fabrication

Welding  and  fabrication  works  in  the  Oil  and  Gas  industry  is  very  crucial  because  the  integrity  of  structural  and  piping  installations  rest  mainly  on  the  quality  of  the work  done  in  this  aspect.  At  Spectrade,  we  engage  qualified  welders  and  fabricators  and  use  the  right  equipment  and  materials  to  accomplish  tasks  in  compliance  with  relevant  project  codes  and  specifications.

Services  rendered  include:

Structural  and  piping  fabrications  using  SMAW,  GTAW,  etc.  Spectrade is  also  unveiling  a  new  welding  innovation  known  as  ‘’Water‐Back  Welding’’. Water‐Back  Welding  is  a  welding  technique  that  enables  structurally  sound  welds  to  be  achieved  in  a  vessel  at  a  hull  temperature  as  low  as  2oC.

Pre‐qualification  of  Welding  Procedures  for  structural  and  piping  welding. Qualification  of  welders  and  according  to  project  codes  and  standards.


Postweld Heat  Treatment  (PWHT)

Post-weld heat treatment is most generally used for stress relief. Stress relief after welding may be necessary in order to reduce the risk of brittle fracture, to avoid subsequent distortion on machining, or to eradicate the risk of stress corrosion.

Spectrade has at its disposal PWHT machines and extremely skilled technicians to competently conduct postweld heat treatment as required in the Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) for Project Torquing

To achieve a leak-free start up, it is imperative to give proper attention to flange management during pre-commissioning and maintenance activities.

At Spectrade, with the aid of specially designed torquing equipment, proven bolt loading calculations and written procedures, we tighten joints to the desired tolerances in a controlled and safe manner

Blasting  and  Coating  of  Oil  &  Gas  Installations

Fabricated steel pipes, structures and vessels require grit-blasting and coating in order to afford the fabricated items protective covering against corrosion agents thereby extending their useful life. Also an existing facility after some years of operations with constant exposure to moisture and air eventually degrade requiring surface maintenance achieved via re-blasting and re-coating of such affected surfaces.

Our  experience  and  expertise  in  the  delivery  of  blasting  and  coating  services  has  placed Spectrade  head  of  others  in  the  provision  of  this  service  to  the  Oil  and  Gas  Industry.


Acid  Pickling

Acid Pickling is a surface treatment operation employed in the cleaning of carbon steel piping interiors in order to remove impurities such as rust (scales), stains and inorganic contaminants.

Spectrade has a ready supply of the personnel, equipment and cleaning media needed to competently deliver this service to our highly valued clients

The  Descaling/cleaning  operations  offered  by  Spectrade include:

Chemical  cleaning
Oil  flushing



Spectrade, using sophisticated hydrotesting equipment and qualified personnel, conducts pressure testing on pre-fabricated spools and piping installations to ascertain their pressure holding ability prior to commissioning.

This we carry out with utmost regards to safety and the conservation of the environment.



At our Machine tool workshop in Spectrade, we provide simple and complicated metal machining services. With our Colchester Mastiff 1400 Gap Bed Lathe and Asquith-Archdale 4MT Radial Arm Drill, machining of all kind is a done deal.

We render the following machining services:

Drilling  up  to  60mm  diameter
Internal  and  external  threading
External  diameter  reduction
Increasing  internal  diameter  of  metal Tapering
Counter sinking Face  planning


Manpower  Development

The significance of professional development in service delivery cannot be over-stated. The quality of your performance in the execution of engineering projects is a function of the quality of your workforce. In the areas of Welding and Fabrication, Post Weld Heat Treatment, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), Hydro testing, Field Installation of Pre-fabricated items, we have carved a niche for ourselves.

To communicate across this corporate knowledge we have acquired over the years, Spectrade is well positioned with the requisite facility, equipment and professionals to deliver knowledge to the trainees

Labour,  Equipment  &  Material  Supply

Spectrade supplies qualified personnel to Oil and Gas industry in different categories. These personnel are adequately trained in safety and their respective areas of specialty. Also we make available for hire modern equipment and materials.

Personnel categories supplied include:

  • Exotic Welders
  • Pipe and Structural Fitters
  • Scaffolders
  • Sand blasters and painters
  • Vessel technicians
  • Riggers
  • Erectors
  • Mill-wright
  • Hydrotesting technicians

NDT Technician
Equipment and Material supplied

  • Grove Cranes
  • Self-loaders
  • Welding machines
  • Air Compressors
  • Post weld Heat Treatment Machines
  • Scaffolding Materials
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